Machine Vision Embedded Engineer

About Brava:

We’re a technology and consumer hardware company focused on elevating in-home cooking and eating experiences – we are making home your favorite place to eat! Our cross-functional, passionate and experienced team of engineers, scientists, chefs and creatives has shipped products like the August Lock, Pebble Smartwatch and iPhone, and led multiple companies to high-profile exits. Are you a foodie looking to work with an amazing team that will challenge, support and inspire you? Let’s talk!


The Role:

As Brava's Machine Vision Embedded Engineer, you'll have a unique opportunity to discover, design and develop computer vision processing and inference algorithms for a disruptive, next-generation cooking machine.  You will apply OpenCV and other technologies in combination with originally-developed algorithms to detect attributes of food and its progress during cooking to help guide the cooking process.  Your software will run directly on the device and is of critical importance to the performance, user experience and customer satisfaction of this remarkable product. We develop in a fast-moving, highly cross-functional organization so you will interact directly with mechanical, electrical and product-development engineers, as well as researchers, food scientists, chefs and others.  you are someone who is excited by this fast-paced, collaborative opportunity to help us change the way we live and cook!


Things You’ll Own/Do:

  • Conduct original research in food-related computer-vision processing

  • Collaborate on R&D with CV and signal-processing experts

  • Lead and project-manage CV engineering

  • Implement food-related CV inference algorithms on an embedded system

  • Participate in food-science R&D to understand cooking processes and signals

  • Evaluate the performance of CV algorithms by cooking food!


Our Ideal Candidate Has:

  • BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience

  • Computer vision implementation experience with TensorFlow, PyTorch or similar (with specific experience in segmentation, categorization, and transfer learning)

  • Experience working with low end processors and microcontrollers

  • Strong communication and reasoning skills

  • 3+ years of relevant industry experience


Bonus Points For:

  • MS or PhD in Computer Science or Mathematics

  • Chemistry or physics graduate or undergraduate studies

  • Experience in embedded development or mobile development (iOS, Android)

  • Experience working with external vendors or partners


Why You Should Work Here:

  • You’ll be compensated with competitive salary, equity and benefits

  • We’ll trust you to do things right

  • Your feedback and opinions are valued and heard

  • We’re at an early stage and provide significant career growth opportunity

  • You’ll be creating something that people love and use on a daily basis!